Nikki Wozzo

Nikki Wozzo is a solo Canadian rock, country, and metal artist from Calgary, AB Canada. Starting his solo career in Los Angeles, CA, Wozzo's solo work is a combination of Aerosmith meets, the Black Keys, meet Stevie R. Vaughn A real rocknroll virtuoso that’ll make you think he’s southern rock love child of Hank Williams Jr. and Van Halen. Wozzo was always inspired by music. After finishing high school, he attended the school of Audio Production & Recording Arts (APRA) in Calgary, Alberta. Where he studied production and recording arts in both film and music. 


After APRA, he decided to pursue professional performance, and went to the sister school of Berklee school of music, Selkirk College in Nelson, BC Canada. Following that he travelled to the United Kingdom where he joined British heavy metal band Serpents Kiss from Middlesbrough, England, as a lead vocalist. Although Nikki was working in his dream industry, he felt that he needed more than just music in Canada and the U.K. so, he applied to Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA in Los Angeles. where he was expanding his knowledge of production, music, business, as well as studying to become a touring performer (Aka a hired gun). 


During this time, he had applied for a work permit to live and stay in the United States and work as a fulltime musician. He was granted a one year OPT permit and is now in the process of applying for his first 3-year O-1 visa. Nikki currently as of 2019 has been living in California working as a stage manager at the world-famous Whisky a Go Go, for the Ultimate Jam Nights owned by bass player Chuck Wright of Quiet Riot, Alice Cooper, and much more. As well working alongside his fellow co-writer Will Philpot of Serpents Kiss continuing the legacy of British heavy metal, and his solo career as a country rock artist in Nikki Wozzo & the Bad Whiskey. He also fills in as a session musician for many groups, artist, and more.


Nikki is and always will be a warming, and welcoming musician, and continues to live the dream as a musician in the industry of music in Canada, Europe, and the United States of America.


A rocknroll and heavy metal virtuoso that’ll make you think it’s southern blues love child of hard rock. With experience performing with acts such as Kiesza, Nick Gilder, and Harlequin, others have said.

“Nikki Wözzo is a natural, kick ass rock singer and frontman with a flair for theatrical performance.” Melody Diachun, JUNO nominated singer-songwriter

"Nikki lives, breathes and sweats rock music out of every pore of his body. 30 seconds of seeing him perform is enough to know how serious he is about his craft." - Darren Mahe, Selkirk College

" Thanks to Nikki’s vocal capabilities and professional work ethic (not a given in the music industry) we were able to complete a Guns n Roses project much sooner than was thought possible. He’s very responsive in our communication and open to suggestions. Will definitely work with him again in the future! " Andre van Berlo - Selkirk College 

" Nikki is a multi talented amazing spirit! 
His voice, his music, his photography and even graphic abilities are amazing! I feel so lucky to know him and have worked with him! And looking forward to working with him in any capacity in the future. He is one to watch for sure!!! " - Gwendolyn Casella, Slug45 

 " A true talent - a rare mix of passion, commitment, natural ability and knowledge." - William Philpot, Serpents Kiss & Millennium

Wözzo will make your night unforgettable, with roaring vocals and powerhouse rocknroll, shaking the earth in the musical magnetic field.

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